Heat My Home

Dear Friends;

With the weather getting colder and the days getting shorter there is less time for the sun’s warmth to help heat and light our homes.  For the majority of us this doesn’t affect much because we can simply turn up our thermostat and hear the roar of the furnace and feel warm air begin to flow and we can flip on a light switch and illuminate our home.  We don’t have to be concerned about where our next meal will come from or if we will be able to prepare the food to feed our families.  We can turn on the tap and bath our children, brush our teeth, and make a fresh pot of coffee.  Our blood pressure, diabetic, and heart medications are paid for through our insurance so we do not have the daunting decision to make as to whether we should be paying our monthly rent or purchasing our prescription medications.

Yes, most of us are very fortunate.  We work hard and we are able to pay our bills and be self-sufficient members of our communities.

Other members of our community are not as fortunate.  For the most part they too are  hard-working individuals struggling to support their families on a mere $7.25 per hour job with no benefits.  The cost of utilities, rent, prescriptions, transportation, and food keep escalating and their struggle to juggle monthly budgets seems insurmountable. We refer to these individuals and families as the “working poor” and, for the most part, they are the back-bone worker-bees within our communities!

To help aid these hard-working individuals and families we would like to ask your help in participating in our “Heat My Home” campaign.  We have prepared collection jars to be placed around the community in individual homes, business offices, churches, convenience stores, etc.  Every jar filled will assist in keeping a home warm this winter!  Every filled jar will make a huge difference in the lives of the “working poor”!  As the jars are filled we will be glad to retrieve them and replace them with empty jars to be filled.

If you would like to take part in our “Heat My Home” campaign please call one of our offices and we will be happy to deliver collection jars to you!  If you know of a group, large or small, young or old, that would like to take this on as a very worthwhile project, please let us know!

 Hand In Hand – Together We Can Make A Difference!



Jone A. Webb

Executive Director